Saturday, 5 April 2014


 dress: asos
necklace: handmade
sunglasses: primark
rings: primark
socks: primark
shoes: primark

ok, so, first things first: awkward pose of the year award most definitely goes to me. it was one of those days where i had to quickly shoot and go, so please do excuse how terribly goofy i look. it's a curse, sigh.

i'd been eyeing this dress up on the asos website since around october last year, so when i spotted it in the sale while asos were offering an additional 20% off of sale items, i saw it as a sign and finally placed my order - bagging it for £17 from £30 was definitely something i didn't want to miss out on! i initially had issues with the sizing of the dress as there were only size tens left in stock, and when it arrived i found out there was very little room around the bust, but a lot of room around the hips. now, i'm not particularly chesty, and my hips are pretty sizeable, so i'd love to know which flat chested, hippy girl they're modelling these dresses on! however, after a little bit of DIY unpicking some of the stitching around the bust, it fit like a glove and i was good to go. my only issue really with the dress is that it's a drop waist fit rather than sitting around the waist, meaning it's not quite as flattering for my body type as it could be.

the dress has an underdress to it, making it quite warm to wear and fairly bulky. while it'll be fabulous once again in the winter with a chunky coat, throughout the warmer months it's also easy to wear alone, bare legged. i find because of the lace details and buttons on the dress, you don't really need to dress it up all that much, meaning if you're lacking outfit inspiration one day you can be safe in the knowledge of throwing this on with a few pretty rings and fab sunglasses will do the job nicely!


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