Saturday, 17 May 2014

a walk in the sun

hat: matalan (old)
dress: charity shop
necklaces: lilac edge
bag: primark
shoes: primark

i could combust with joy today because the weather is just so blummin' nice! it didn't take me long to throw on my sandals and a light dress to make the most of the sun by taking ziggy out for a nice long walk down the canal (which is a surprisingly nice walk during the summer.) beforehand i decided to get some summery snaps, however the neighbours next door were outside soaking up the sun so i had to make do with taking pictures inside; i can't begrudge them wanting to enjoy the sun, right? while doing so, ziggy was growing more and more impatient demanding her walkies and decided to make a brief appearance in a couple of my pictures, to which i thought "to hell with it!" and dragged her in for some loving family style pics, aww.

i recently gave in somewhat to the nineties revival and ordered myself a couple of chokers from my friend alice's online shop lilac edge. since receiving my order i've been ever so glad i eventually succumbed to the trend as i feel that a choker can bring a whole new dimension to outfits i previously wore with various longer necklaces, and as a person who gets bored of outfits very easily it's handy to be able to revive an outfit so simply and for next to nothing!

all that said, i'm off now to kick back in the garden with a sketchbook. i hope you're enjoying the glorious sunshine yourselves!

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