Sunday, 18 May 2014

sunday synopsis

well, would ya look at that? i caught the very end of the mirrored selfie bandwagon and managed to jump on! looks like there's no going back now...

the last week's been a rather pleasant one indeed! monday saw the end of second year, tuesday saw a celebratory night out, wednesday saw me head home, and thursday saw my car fail its mot... wait, that breaks the chain, doesn't it? i may be £100 down, but with a car that's still in good working order at 15 years old i suppose i should be grateful that the only problems with it are minor wear and tear issues that are inevitable! here's to another few happy and healthy years with the pea, hurrah!

onwards from there, this weekend i've had the grand title of 'doggy sitter' as my family have been away soaking up the sunshine in, erm, glorious(?) skeggy. it's not all been bad from my end however as i do love a bit of 'me' time, and with the weather having been so great i've enjoyed a few long doggy walks, chilled out in the garden and got a bit of doodling done. i've also been prepping a banner of my picture book work because i found out earlier in the week that i've been chosen to exhibit my work alongside a few other second years in the end of year exhibition, yippee! i'm very much looking forward to seeing a couple of my characters blown up and 'existing' outside of my picture book, i'm just hoping the printing and transporting process of the banner goes smoothly, so fingers crossed!

tonight i'm heading back up to middlesbrough for my last couple of weeks as a second year, and i'm really hoping the weather continues in a fashion similar to how it's been these last few days as our end of year party's happening at the end of may and sunshine would really help to make the day! teesside uni won an mtv competition to win 50k for the event and i've heard rumours of a couple of acts that may be playing, and although they're just rumours at the minute, i'd be very happy if these rumours turned out to be truth, but we'll see!


  1. I love your lip colour in your 'mirror selfie' hehe can I ask what is it? New follower! xxx

    1. hello, hello! and it's 'cherry' by sleek :) x