Tuesday, 13 May 2014

the olde young tea house | middlesbrough

in yesterday's post i mentioned that i visited a local tea house, and that tea house just so happened to be the olde young tea house in the heart of middlesbrough's town centre. since september last year, me and my friend josh had been planning to go in for a bite to eat, however we didn't get around to doing so until last week, and how foolish we felt afterwards for not having visited sooner!

we first nipped in last week after our penultimate hand in with the intention of having tea and scones, however upon arrival we were told that the scones they had in the shop were currently being reserved so we had the choice of their danishes instead (which were delicious, by the way!) and after a little investigating we discovered that the scones had been reserved for a couple booked in for afternoon tea. "reserved scones?" we thought, "excellent!" and planned to book ourselves in for afternoon tea the following week to celebrate our final deadline of second year. 

inside the tea house is painfully charming; with decorative wallpaper, hanging bunting and old school crockery, the place feels effortlessly quaint and cosy to sit in and sup your tea as you watch the rain falling outside and passers by dashing to get out of it. being a tea house, there's an extensive selection of different teas to choose from, ranging from vanilla to assam to cinnamon, and the best part? with the afternoon tea package (£18 for two), you get unlimited tea, meaning you can try as many as the fabulous flavours as your belly can deal with during your visit! me and josh managed four flavours between us, the vanilla and cinnamon being our personal favourites.

the afternoon tea package also comes with your choice of sandwich, scone and slice of cake. the sandwiches and scones were delicious as we expected, but the cakes offered are completely within their own league of delicious. all the cakes are handmade by the staff, and they update their instagram daily with the various goodies they've been baking for the shop - go and have a look, everything tastes as ludicrously scrumptious as it looks - so when the time came to choose a cake for myself, i was reasonably excited to try it out! i opted for a slice of their dime bar cake which i thoroughly enjoyed, the sponge was perfectly moist, complementing the crunchy dime bar chunks that sat on top of it; no regrets. not even one.

to top it all off, the staff within the shop are perfectly friendly and happy to deal with any requests you might have throughout your stay, making the whole experience just that bit more friendly and enjoyable. it's fair to say we were ridiculously happy with the atmosphere, service and food provided, and we're sad to be leaving middlesbrough soon, seeing our chances of visiting occasionally for the odd spot of tea and naughty bit of cake lessening; we have however already discussed our next visit for when we start back at university in september! if you're ever in middlesbrough's town centre and are needing a bit of a pit stop, i can't recommend this place enough. if you're looking for friendly service and delicious food at reasonable prices, get yourself to the olde young tea house. you won't regret it, i promise.

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