Monday, 12 May 2014

a splash of colour

coat: charity shop
top: primark
belt: asos
skirt: h&m
satchel: primark
boots: primark

today marked the absolute end of second year with my final hand in - hurrah! so to celebrate, i headed out for afternoon tea with a friend to a local teahouse and it was absolutely delightful, but i have more to say and some pics to share regarding that with you tomorrow, so stay tuned!

due to my abundance of free time lately, i've gotten back into a regular exercise regime just as i did last summer, and to kick it off i've decided to start with the 30 day shred. i'm currently two weeks in and on level two, and already i can see the definition coming back in my legs, thank god! when i've finished the 30ds i'm thinking about giving ripped in 30 a go so i can hopefully make a start on combating my stubborn belly podge; that's where all my weight sits on my body, unfortunately (and, in my opinion, it's the worst place to carry your weight - give me chunky legs over a chubby belly any day!) i'm staying positive after achieving great results from jillian michaels workouts last summer, so if after two weeks results are starting to set in, i'm hoping after 2 months i'll start to be looking a little more like i desire, so here's to that!


  1. Perfect outfit. The black, white and pink. Whats the 30 day shred? I am currently trying to get a bit healthier so would love some tips. Hollie x

    1. ah, thank you! it's a 30 day workout plan by jillian michaels which goes through three levels that are 10 days long each. pretty tough going, but you get good results if you eat sensibly alongside it, i'd definitely recommend giving it a go :) x