Sunday, 11 May 2014

sunday synopsis

after a quick trawl of my phone's camera album, it turns out i haven't taken a selfie to share with you all this week, *gasp*, so instead i have an illustrated version of myself to share. i'm still unsure how i actually feel about it, so i figure it's good to keep it around for me to look at for a while before i make my mind up, hence it being my new twitter icon for the moment, replacing the one i've had since last september. this week i've kind of said to myself, "right, uni's practically over, so sit down and get scribbling some of those ideas that are sat around in your head," and i've really struggled to sit down and properly get pen (or pencil) to paper. i've had a couple of brief stints in my sketchbook, but nothing that makes any sense or looks promising at all, and it's kind of bumming me out.

part of me thinks it's because i want a bit of a break, what with having just completed a project i spent near enough four months on, and that this brief feeling of disconnection is similar to how i feel when starting a new brief for uni; after spending so long on one project, it's hard to completely refresh your mind and get stuck into something new, no matter how exciting the prospect of it is, i've found. everything started slowly when i first started the macmillan brief, but a couple of weeks in and it was flowing fantastically, so hopefully i'll have my mojo back soon.

in an attempt to get said mojo back, i'm dedicating the remainder of my evening to sitting down with my sketchbook and having a good doodling session for a couple of hours, perhaps i'll even thrown in a cup of tea at some point to keep me going. i hope you're having a lovely sunday evening, whatever you're doing!

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