Saturday, 10 May 2014

my eyebrow 'journey'

after wednesday's post raving about the e.l.f. treat and tame, it got me thinking about the trauma that my poor eyebrows have endured over the past couple of years, so i thought i'd put together an illustrated example of the journey that my eyebrows have been on up until this very day for both yours and my own amusement. erm, so, enjoy, i guess?!

left: before the brow obsession kicked in | right: lightly filled in with powder
left: in comes the eybrow pencil, very heavily! | right: the beginning of the plucking, gulp

 left: even more plucking, eep! | right: the introduction of powder again, ahh
above: how my brows are doing nowadays

as is evident in the first picture, before i'd started on the madness that has been my 'eyebrow journey', it's very clear that i'm not very blessed in the eyebrow department, and neither are any of the other females in my family, for that matter! *long sigh* what a thing to be envious of the males for, eh?!

my eyebrow 'obsession' began in late 2011, and since then has fuelled the relentless plucking, filling in, growing and general aggro that has surrounded them. regardless of my naturally sparse brows, i'd like to think that over the last few years i've learnt a trick or two about playing the old deception game that is filling them in, however devastating it's been for my poor brows on occasions. i'd like to think i've come out of the experience a little bit wiser, knowing that powders are the best for natural looking brows and also encourage growth, and pencils, for thin brows, are somewhat catastrophic and encourage the downwards slope that is attacking your brows until there's not much left to achieve the drawn on, sharp look that a pencil is often only really any good for; of course, everybody has their own brow tool preferences, but i soon tired of the blatantly drawn on look.

three years on from the start of my obsession and i'm happy with my eyebrows' progress. god bless 'em, they're getting there, and i'll now continue to nurture and care for them until they're as thick and majestic as my genetics and trickery allow me to achieve.

i hope you've had a little bit of a giggle along to this, but also, if you're relatively new to the eyebrow taming game, i hope you may also have taken a bit of knowledge away about how over plucking your eyebrows is bad. trust me, if you don't believe me now, you will once you've plucked them all away! surprisingly, i've never actually stumbled upon any of these posts on any of the blogs i read, so if you choose to share your own 'eyebrow journey', please leave me a link to it so i can check it out! i frequently have this chat with a friend of mine and it always leads to fits of giggles, so why not look a little silly for a moment and spread a bit of laughter?!


  1. Your brows are perfect! It's always interesting seeing girls' eyebrow journeys, I'm still in the process of growing mine out :) xx

    Adventures of an Anglophile

    1. ah, thank you! and i agree - it's nice to know everybody makes mistakes, but also that they can come back from them too, haha!