Thursday, 5 June 2014

braving bare legs

dress: motel
necklaces: lilac edge
belt: asos
bag: primark
socks: primark
shoes: dr marten

well, the sun's still playing hard to get nowadays it seems. yesterday i nipped out briefly with my mum to do some shopping, and despite the sun being tucked away behind a few clouds, the temperature out wasn't unpleasant, so out i went in a dress, braving bare legs. a wise decision i thought as it was still pretty muggy out, however i was met with a few strange looks while out by people in jeans and coats. perhaps it's just me, but i couldn't help but feel that in 17 degree heat a coat and jeans is a little over the top, but each to their own i suppose!

i'm wearing some more lilac edge goodies here and i'm more than in love with my new gemstone necklace; isn't it just so pretty?! if you're after some pretty jewellery at more than affordable prices, i'd definitely recommend going and giving my friend alice's shop a little browse because you could bag yourself some lovely pieces at fab prices.

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