Wednesday, 4 June 2014

rose gold eyes with e.l.f. prism eyeshadows

as i was typing up this post, it got me thinking about the audience of my blog, and although the majority of you guys are british, i know i have a couple of american readers, so yoo-hoo, this post's for you-hoo... yeah, i'll stop that now.

so if you read my new york haul post, you'll know that i had a whale of a time in the e.l.f. store, and while i was there i picked up this beautiful eyeshadow palette. i've done my research, and as i suspected, these eyeshadow palettes aren't available on the uk store, which is insane because they're gorgeous. i had a quick browse on ebay and you can pick yourself one of these up from there, however you will be paying extra, and it obviously comes with the long wait too, sigh.

item availability aside, let's talk about the item itself. i've found myself reaching for this palette on a daily basis now for the last few weeks as it's a perfect subtle eye look that gives your eyes that little bit extra without looking like you're ready for a night out on the town. when using the palette, i use all the colours, concentrating the gold tones towards the inner corners of my eye and the pinks and purple towards the outer corners and in the crease to create a little bit of depth. although the purple appears to stick out sorely from the rest of the palette in the pan, when it's applied it's extremely subtle and blends well with the pinks and the gold to create an altogether rose gold colour which, if i've heard correctly, is bang on trend at the minute, ooer. for me, personally, pink and gold tones help to bring out the green in my eyes, so i suppose that's why i like this palette so much.

if you've gathered anything about me from my blog, it's that i'll do whatever i can to save money wherever i can, so when i instantly thought about the naked 3 palette when first resting my eyes on this palette, i thought yep, that'll do as a cheap 'dupe' (if you could call it that? eh, it's similar.) of course the naked 3 palette has a lot more shade choices, however i think it's focused around the rose gold colours and overall look that can so easily be achieved with this palette, so really, i think i'm onto a winner with this baby, and no doubt i'll continue to cradle it dearly every morning while undertaking my makeup routine.

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