Friday, 27 June 2014

embroidered flowers

hat: h&m
neck bow: asos
blouse: charity shop
skirt: miss selfridge
bag: primark
sandals: primark
on tuesday i headed out to meadowhall for the day with my mum, and here's what i wore for a day mostly made up strolling around, casually browsing through shops. i've always had a good, somewhat close relationship with my mum, but now i'm away at uni and only see her once every couple of months or so i really do appreciate spending time with her where we just get a chance to talk and do all the typical mother/daughter bonding style things... yeah, those. you know what i mean.

while in meadowhall i was eager to browse the new stock as i'd not been in a primark for well over a month (oh, the horror!) and for the most part, i was horribly let down. the only thing redeeming primark on this trip was the selection of footwear available because there were some absolute beauties sitting on the shelves! as ever, i didn't allow myself to go crazy by buying more than is sensible, so i whittled it down to these sandals instead of a metallic pair as i thought they'd go with more things and see me through more seasons that the metallic ones would; a decision i'll later regret? we'll have to wait and see! (i hope not!)

i also picked this beautiful blouse up from a local charity shop last week and it cost me just £2.50. the colour and beautiful floral embroidery sold it to me right away, despite the fact that it's a size 8 and a little snug around the chest area; i've found that with regular checks i can go the day without flashing anything to anybody that neither i or they would wish to see!


  1. The neck bow looks amazing! Aw I'm the same I love spending time with my mum when I'm home from uni!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. Such a cute look, those sandals are gorgeous! I haven't been into primark for ages so I'll have to try and find those :-)