Saturday, 28 June 2014

saturday scribbles

a bit of a different saturday scribbles this week, however i've ended the week with a new creation nonetheless! one of the illustrators at hallmark was a bit of a felting fanatic and had made some fabulous felted characters that were dotted around the studio, and from there i was feeling massively inspired to have a go at creating my very own sloth plush using the fabric i have laying under my bed doing nothing. it took me quite a while to complete, and once i'd finished i realised that i'd perhaps done it all a little bit backwards as i left his head open to stitch up by hand at the end, resulting in a bumpy head rather than the smooth, rounded one i was aiming for; all valuable lessons to consider in the future! it was something a little different to have a go at and fill an afternoon with, and i think throughout the summer i may have a go at making a couple more using some different patterned fabrics so i can slowly build up a collection of colourful, handmade sloths to sit on my bed alongside big and little mallory. i named this little fella cecil, by the way!