Sunday, 29 June 2014

sunday synopsis

ok, i can't lie, i've had a bit of a shitty week. i started the week feeling anxious and uneasy for some reason i couldn't identify, and it now feels like it was a weird sense of foreboding knowing that bad stuff was to come, as later in the week i was involved in a minor car accident. it was only between me and a friend meaning there wasn't any involvement with angry strangers and everyone's come away completely fine, however i'm now left with a bit of damage to repair that i'm not entirely sure i can completely afford and it's sent me into a state of worry about finances as i also have a £300 bond to pay for my student house next year in august... sigh. it really gets me down how much money dictates things sometimes and it's something i hate to have to worry about, however it's something that's totally real and you just have to deal with it. in short: it sucks. 

luckily for me, i've bagged myself a summer job at a friend's sweet shop, so i'm thanking my lucky stars for that and hoping that the money i make there will help to make this all too unfortunate situation a little easier to deal with; financially, at least. as well as damaging my bank account, i've seen a slight damage to my confidence as every time i've gotten into my car since, i've been filled with nerves and worry that it'll happen again. i hope everything gets sorted out quickly and smoothly and that in time my nerves will iron out and i'll be back to driving around as confidently as i used to.

i'm headed to london this coming tuesday as me and a friend are visiting new blood and new designers, so i'm hoping that this incident with the car doesn't interfere too much so i can at least try to relax and enjoy my time in london. i've a couple of posts lined up for throughout the week, and i'm also hoping to get some snaps of the exhibitions and things i get up to while i'm there, so watch this space. as for now, i'm heading to down to the sweet shop for the evening and i'm going to try to not eat myself into a sugar-induced coma in an attempt to feel a little less crappy about the past week's events.


  1. Try not to worry about your little bump to much it just makes you a better driver and at least you know how to handle the situation if it happens again (touch wood it doesn't). I have been in about 4 incidents (non my fault), but now I feel prepared for anything. Honestly, it will make you a better driver in the long run. P.s Working in a sweet shop sounds like a dream, although I think my dentist would disagree. Enjoy London. Hollie x

    1. ah, thank you hollie! it's definitely made me much more cautious of my breaking distance, that's for sure. i've made a start on getting it all fixed up now so fingers crossed it'll be done smoothly! like you said, good or bad, it's all valuable life experience :)