Monday, 30 June 2014

collective haul: june 2014

since returning home from the summer, i've sold a bunch of clothes, and i must admit, i've also had a little bit of a splurge on new bits and bobs for myself, so i thought i'd bring it all together and share what i've been spending my pennies on as of late.

first up, some basic tops. i've have some plain vest tops hanging around in my wardrobe now which i've probably had since i was around 15 (ew,) so i thought it was time to treat myself to some new ones with a more feminine, flattering fit, and these vests with a slight v neck and boxy backs are perfect for when i want to keep my top half simple but feminine. i also picked up a plain black off the shoulder crop as i find the fit extremely flattering, and let's face it, black goes with everything. these were all from new look, the two vests being £10 and the off the shoulder crop was £5.99.

you may have already seen the blouse and sandals as i shared them with you all in this outfit post, however to recap, i found the blouse in a charity shop and picked the sandals up from primark for just £14. i spied the skirt in the select sale, and for £7 i thought it'd be a perfect transitional piece from spring/summer to autumn/winter as i feel that the colours are versatile enough to wear as either summer or winter florals – you can't sniff at an all-seasons piece!

i got these next few pieces from vinted, which doubles up as a mobile app and website. it's something of an ebay/depop hybrid, giving you the option to swap items as well as selling them, and if you were wondering, the people on it i've encountered so far are much nicer than your average ebayer, so don't fret! when i signed up for vinted, they very kindly gave me a free £9 to spend on anything i liked, so i opted for the midi skirt to the right; i'd previously thought i couldn't get away with a midi due to being so short, but i took the risk and it doesn't actually look too bad after all! i also decided to pick up this silver detailed vest top and a fedora hat, although i'm still not sure if it looks right on me – i just can't shake the feeling that it makes me look like i have a pea head! i'm also selling a few items on vinted myself, so if you'd like to, you can take a peek at my profile here.

lastly, i was in need of some new make up bits and bobs so i placed a superdrug order to take advantage on their half price B. items. i stocked up on some of their micellar water which you can read about here if you'd like to, and also picked up some of the day cream to try out. i also decided to give a gosh primer a try as it seemed generous in size for the price, and lastly i needed to stock up on bronzer and highlighter so i opted for some cheap collection and mua options to see how they fared.

and that's everything! i always feel a bit naughty when i reflect on my collective purchases like this, but considering i made around £50 selling unworn clothing on ebay i suppose i can kind of justify all this...


  1. The skirts have such a great print both of them!