Wednesday, 2 July 2014

used up: the body shop shampoo & conditioner

after what feels like a lifetime of using these products, i've finally managed to reach the end of both bottles. if i'd have had a positive experience using either of these products, i'd probably be a bit miffed about having to now go out and replace them both, however instead their emptiness has had me jumping for joy because i can finally move on from them. as you've probably guessed, i've not had a fantastic experience using these products, and here's why.

rainforest volumising shampoo
first things first, this product did not give me any volume. that isn't the most of the products downfalls, however. for the few months i've been using it, i found it continuously difficult to lather and work through my hair properly. with most shampoos, one pump of product is enough to create a nice, thick lather that will then work through the entirety of my hair effortlessly, however with this product i found myself having to pump out two or three lots of product to get it to cover my hair fully as the formula just wouldn't lather into anything that worked properly into my hair. then because the formula was so thin and hard to work into my hair, i found myself continuously pulling strands of hair out of my head because working it properly through my hair was such a difficult task. since using this product i've not noticed any changes in my hair, be they good or bad, i just know that the whole experience of using it is a frustrating one, and because of that (and the hefty price tag,) i'll not be purchasing this or any other body shop shampoos again because this has been enough to put me off them altogether.

rainforest radiance conditioner
i picked this conditioner up specifically because it promised to protect my coloured hair, but just like the shampoo, it failed to live up to its claims. just as i found the shampoo difficult to work with, the conditioner was also similarly difficult to work with compared to most other conditioners i've ever used. where most conditioners i've found to be thick and creamy, this one was thin and somewhat plasticy between the palms (terrible description, i know, but i didn't know how else to describe it.) when i rubbed it between my hands ready to apply to the mid and ends of my hair, it didn't feel soft and smooth like most conditioners do, and instead of going onto the hair with ease and leaving it feeling nourished, it once again somewhat pulled at my hair and left my hair feeling a little weighed down rather than conditioned. since using this, my hair's definitely not seen any improvements. in fact, a cheap £2 aldi conditioner showed better results after conditioning that this has, so i'll not be opting for other body shop conditioners in the future.

altogether, it's fair to say that i've been extremely disappointed with these two products. i initially bought these when i first decided to go cruelty free because they were an easy, readily available option, but in future i think i'll be dabbling in some cheap aldi and superdrug finds to see how i get along with them before i splash out for any more expensive haircare. if anything, this whole experience has made me less of a haircare snob, because since working with less than average products, i've not noticed much change in my hair, so i assume i can get away with not buying expensive products during my attempt to grow it out. clouds and linings, ey?

have you ever used any of the body shop's haircare products? how did you get along with them? i'd love to know!


  1. Thanks for the review, I'll know not to buy these in the future!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Overall I find that BodyShop have much more of a name than quality :/
    On top of that they're owned by L'Oreal.

    When I was at the pharmacy the other day I found the best shampoo "Argan Smooth Deep Moisture Shampoo" by Creightons. I've only used it twice and even though it makes no promises for dyed or damaged hair, my hair definitely felt nicer using it. And it was only £1!!