Saturday, 14 June 2014

saturday scribbles

i kind of feel like i'm short changing you this week with my saturday scribbles because this is such a tiny percentage of everything i've been scribbling this week! unfortunately i can't share any of my work i create while at hallmark as it all belongs to them, which really is a shame because i'm really pleased with some bits of it, but rules are rules! what i can tell you however is that i've been doodling out lots of various different characters, some i'd doodled before, some i hadn't, and i've also been having fun playing around with pantones and putting together fabulous colour palettes, something i'd previously really struggled with; why hadn't i used pantones before? the mind really does boggle!

in my spare time on the evenings i've doodled a really pathetic amount (naughty me,) however i've now set myself another new project to tackle at some point surrounding classic children's book quotes done in hand lettering, because let's face it, hand lettering is fun. i've also discovered this week that i really enjoy drawing pugs – i think it's their pudgy faces and squidgy bodies that make them so delightfully funny to recreate – so here are a couple of those for you. hopefully next saturday i'll have more to share with you, but again, i'll make no promises!


  1. You're new project sounds really interesting! Would be great to do like a series of posters or something along those lines. Great to hear the new jobs going well too! Working at Hallmark would be so exciting!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. thanks lauren, i'm looking to spruce my portfolio up a little and thought some hand lettering would work in nicely :) ah it is, it's been fantastic! i'll be truly sad to leave x