Wednesday, 18 June 2014

sleek | true colour lipsticks

sleek true colour lipstick in cherry: £4.99
sleek true colour lipstick in mulberry: £4.99

there's a firm place set aside in my heart for dark, vampy shades of lipstick that strike fear into the hearts of men all over the world (ok, i'm just kidding), so when i noticed that sleek had a good selection of vampy shades available within their lipstick lines, i decided to pick a couple up to see how they got on after having loved every other sleek product i'd ever purchased. i opted for the shades cherry and mulberry – cherry being a red with blue undertones and mulberry being an intense browny-purple – which perfectly satisfied my vampy-lip needs and i very quickly tried them out once they arrived.

the formula is extremely creamy and, as you'd expect from sleek, highly pigmented; one swatch and you've got intense, opaque colour. i tend to wear these lipsticks one of two ways: either over the top of lip balm for a more subtle, diluted pop of colour, or over the top of a deep red lip liner to really help the colour thrive and stay in place for longer (just for reference, i'm wearing the lipsticks over lip liner in the above pics.)

as for wear time of the lipsticks, i'm definitely impressed. if you wear the lipsticks alone you'll get a good few hours of wear out of them before you even need to think about reapplying them (providing you don't eat, however i have managed to keep them in place while drinking), however because the formula's so thick and creamy i've found that it can move around a little on your lips and leave it looking a tad patchy in places as the formula can tend to gather more around the outer edges of your lips. to try and combat this, i went out and grabbed myself a cheap mua lip liner, and since then these lipsticks have been an absolute dream to wear. i apply the lip liner all over my lips, pop the lipstick on top and i'm essentially good for the day; intense colour and zero patchiness until i ruin it all by stuffing my face with cake, so my best advice for perfect all day wear is... don't eat cake! but how could you not? reapplication is definitely a worthwhile compromise.

i think i'm ready to announce that these are probably the best quality lipsticks i own, and they definitely aren't the most expensive, either. at a very reasonable £4.99 each, i don't think you can go wrong with these lipsticks if you're looking for intense colour, a creamy finish and long lasting wear... that being said, what else could you possibly want from a lipstick?! another massive thumbs up for sleek, who are quickly becoming one of my favourite brands.

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