Monday, 16 June 2014

sunflowers & gingham

hat: h&m
necklaces: lilac edge
playsuit: forever 21
belt: asos
shoes: dr martens

summer's awesome because i can now rock this awesome gingham/sunflower number that i picked up from forever 21 in (what felt like) the dead of winter in new york city. i wore this outfit on saturday when my parents came to bradford to visit me during my weekend in the placement house while all the other girls had gone home, so to fill the day we headed off for a nando's and a cinema trip.

me and my mum decided to watch maleficent while my brother and mum's boyfriend opted for edge of tomorrow(?) and i can hand on heart say that maleficent was thoroughly enjoyable. i really loved the magical, mystical creatures that featured throughout and found the overall atmosphere of the film somewhat hauntingly enchanting in the same way that pan's labyrinth is (another film which i love,) so if you're all into things like that, i'd recommend going for a watch. i'm also really loving this seemingly whole new disney take on *SPOILER ALERT* true love and what it means for the protagonists as within maleficent and frozen the love interests have failed to save the characters when they most need it and man, i'm just digging the whole idea that you shouldn't have to rely on men to save you because, ultimately, it's just not their job to, while highlighting the fact that strong love exists within relationships between mothers and daughters, brothers and sisters, close friends etc. etc. i dunno, it's just nice to see traditions being flipped on their heads and relationships of all kinds being celebrated. i also just really liked the retelling of a classic story and the fact that it showed both sides of the story and really made me think about good and bad and how we perceive it. altogether a charming watch, definitely go see it if you get the chance.

so, that's me. a few more days of placement and i'll be heading off home again back to my prim little poodle, and while i'm looking forward to seeing her little face again, i am sad that placement's coming to an end because i've been having a fantastic time. all good things must come to an end though!


  1. That is the cutest romper, I absolutely adore the print! I still need to go see Maleficent ...

    Adventures of an Anglophile

    1. ahh, definitely go see! it's wonderful :)

  2. amazing outfit, especially love the playsuit <3