Monday, 14 July 2014

fedora & a midi


fedora hat: depop
vest: new look
necklace: asos
belt: primark
skirt: vinted
satchel: primark
sandals: primark
today i'm sharing with you some weirdly lit, super awkward posey shots taken in the corner of my living room because the neighbours were sat outside in the garden next door – how dare they?! – and doin' my thing in front of them would've been more awkward than it would've been worth. sigh.

i nipped out up to my local high street today with the girl i work in the sweet shop with as i had a couple of bits and bobs to pick up, and although the sky was cloudy, it was a very warm 22 degrees outside so i threw on my typical vest top, skirt and primark sandals which have easily become my favourite piece of footwear. i'm also really fond of this style of vest top at the moment and have been flitting between wearing this and my white one on most days because it's so light, comfortable and means that if i spend any extended period of time in the sun, i most likely won't end up with dodgy tanlines, so it seems like an all round smart option to me. i've also really taken to wearing my fedora hat now that i'm over just how large it is and have adapted to the fact that sometimes i might not fit through doors with it on...


  1. Such a cute outfit! I miss summer!

  2. that skirt is wow. give it to me, now!

    1. also, i JUST realised this rhymes. awks!