Sunday, 13 July 2014

sunday synopsis

i find that the more fruitful a week is creatively, the less i do in terms of a social life... oops. that said, i did manage a shopping trip out with my mum, so that counts as socialising, right? i don't mind time alone without plans as it means i've more time to sit around and do work or think about future projects, so no time is ever really wasted. actually, that's a lie, i'm sure i've wasted a lot of time these holidays so far, but i find it easier to not dwell on the negatives and my laziness...

it's not long now til my family go away and i'm left with just ziggy's and my own company, and the more i see of them packing up their holiday bits and bobs, the more bummed out i get about the fact that i'm not going away once again this year – it'll be my third consecutive year now, which bums me out all the more considering before that i'd never missed a year abroad! what i am doing this year however is visiting my dad again in germany, this time for 10 days instead of the 5 i'd previously done. i plan to take plenty of work with me to keep me busy on the quieter days, but between that there's talk of trips to amsterdam, berlin, dortmund zoo (i won't miss sloth feeding time this year!!) and a vw show, so it should be a lovely trip provided the weather decides to be nice to us and give us lots of glorious sunshine. on top of it all, i just really enjoy visiting germany for the change in culture and the beautiful house and area that my dad lives in that i love to marvel over; i mean honestly, sometimes i can't believe it's actually his house. i'll try and snap some pics this year to share with you all, i suppose that'll be easier than trying to put my awe into words!

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  1. I'm not going on holiday this year either which sucks! Have fun in Germany seeing your dad!

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