Saturday, 12 July 2014

saturday scribbles

before my london trip i christened the week just passed as "week get my shit together", and rightly so it seems! i've been a little slow on the creativity since breaking up from uni, but it seems now that i'm potentially back on track after a little bit of london inspiration and generally just a kick to my creativity and motivation as the penny seems to have dropped with a few ideas i'd been playing around with. i've planned out a couple of story ideas that i think are fairly strong and just need really thinking about and developing, actually finished an illustration rather than it sitting as a sketch in my sketchbook (first image) and started on a self portrait just to get back into working with paints because it's something i haven't done for quite a while now and it's always (somewhat) fun to do. 

after being inspired by the lovely bunch at hallmark to do so, i've ordered some air drying clay and i'm excited for it to arrive so i can see what i can bring to life using it. hopefully i'll be having a play around with it within the next week, so hopefully i'll be able to report back here with my creations!

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