Wednesday, 30 July 2014

my favourite summertime lip colours

before i sat down to snap these photos, i had no idea just how similar these lipsticks are in colour, however i'm now thinking it all makes sense because this summer i've put down my darker lip colours and seem to have been mostly reaching for one of these three on a daily basis. obviously there are very subtle differences between the three shades (however my camera's not quite good enough to pick them up) but i think the main thing separating these three products is the formula.

first up is the collection creme puff lip cream, which is, as the title states, a lip cream. it comes with an easy to use applicator that effortlessly glides colour onto your lips and leaves them feeling moisturised. the product gradually becomes mattified, however i've found that the product doesn't dry out your lips or leave those awful cracks that can come with matt lip products. the colour is a lovely subtle peachy pink that's lightweight and super easy to wear in the warmer months.

secondly is the collection lasting colour lipstick, which i think may be my favourite colour and formula of the three products. i bought this product a few months back after being drawn to the wildly vivid colour of the bullet, however i found that up until recent months it just didn't feel right to be wearing such a flamboyant colour. as the summer sun came along, i found myself reaching for this product because the almost neon pink with subtle orange undertones just looks so wonderfully bright and adds a well needed pop of colour to any makeup look.

lastly is the e.l.f. moisturising lipstick, which funnily enough is the least moisturising on my lips of the three products. i find that once applied, the formula is quite drying and can leave a line around the inside of your mouth if not applied carefully. to avoid this, i tend to dab the product in with my fingers lightly and slowly build up the colour. as for the colour, it's definitely the most coral of all the three products, however it still has an overall peachy look which i've found helps to warm my pale complexion. it's also has a deliciously sweet subtle scent to it which makes application just that little bit more enjoyable.


  1. Shame the e.l.f one is quite drying as it's my favourite shade of the three!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Can't beat the price of elf products though. I haven't tried the lipsticks yet, but the blushes are really good.