Thursday, 31 July 2014


headband: primark
top: charity shop
necklace: lilac edge
brooch: handmade
sunglasses: primark
skirt: new look
bag: ebay
shoes: primark

i've taken to throwing half my hair up nowadays to keep my fringe off my face during the sweaty weather, and it's led to me once again embarking on the quest to grow out my fringe, as i do most years when the summer rolls by. will i achieve it this year, or will a fringe get cut back in once autumn nears? only time will tell, but i'm hoping that i persevere because i've slowly gotten used to my moon face and now don't so much mind having my forehead out, so a change will be warmly welcomed!

i picked this top up from a charity shop for just 99p which was an absolute steal. obviously the dogtooth print is fabulous, but the turtleneck and poofy sleeves were what really drew me to this little number because i haven't seen a top quite like it on the high street recently. as the outfit as a whole is extremely monochrome, i decided to throw on an old sunflower headband around my bun to add a bit of colour and make the outfit more season appropriate. i also wore my sloth brooch because of course my sloth enthusiast status has to be made apparent at any given opportunity, right?

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  1. I'm exactly the same as you - I always want to grow my fringe out in the summer (and other random points in the year), and then have a spur of the moment decision to cut it back in again. The cycle goes on and on and it just never grows out. This time I am determined though! I really like your flower headband!

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