Saturday, 2 August 2014

saturday scribbles & £5 towards your first etsy purchase!

so after spending a while playing around with clay, i've finally gotten around to adding my creations to my etsy shop for you to snap up if you so wish it!

i've had lots of fun creating my doggy magnets, and one could be yours to keep your notes looking cute on your fridge (or to simply just add some doggy decor to your surroundings as they'll stick to most metallic surfaces) for just £5! i'm happy to create different colours of the breeds i've listed, and i'm also happy to create some new breeds altogether, so if you'd be interested in a jack russell, bulldog or perhaps a pomeranian, please do feel free to email me at and i should be able to arrange that for you!

i've also listed some of the items i made surrounding my 'afternoon tea' theme, so if you'd like a dainty little teapot, cupcake or yummy slice of cake to wear around your neck, you can do so for £8! i'm not too sure if i'll be making any of these again because they're fairly time consuming, but only time will tell.

you can find all of these items now listed in my etsy shop, but do you want to know the best part? etsy are offering you £5 towards your first ever etsy purchase, so if you were to redeem it you could bag yourself a necklace for just £3, or a doggy magnet for absolutely nothing! simply click the link i've provided below and it'll take you through to redeem your free fiver!

as far as i know, the free £5 can be spent on any etsy item of your choosing, so if you don't want to purchase anything from my shop, you could still treat yourself to some goodies from some other talented creatives. some of my favourite shops are emma carlisle, lize meddings and andsmile if you're in need of some inspiration!

thanks for your continued support regarding my illustration work, and enjoy spending your free £5!