Sunday, 3 August 2014

sunday synopsis

my week got off to a bad start when i opened an email on tuesday morning to learn that the housing company i was renting from throughout my second year were wanting to deduct £120 of my £200 bond, which is a disgusting amount altogether, but even more so when me and my friend spent 6 hours between us cleaning, and when charges on the list were for damage to items that existed before our tenancy began. after a couple of angry phone calls and some exchanged emails i was adamant i wasn't going to let them get away with ripping me off, so i've spent a large portion of my week reading up about the deposit scheme that my money is currently being held in and i'm armed with a list of quotes from the website itself to use in a phonecall i have to make tomorrow morning where i'll be flat out refusing to be ripped off for damage that myself and my housemates have not caused. wish me luck! all this business has prompted me to do a write up to advise first time house renting students, so if you're interested, watch this space as i imagine it'll be up within the next couple of weeks.

greedy landlords aside, the rest of the week has been rather pleasant. i've met up with old friends from school and had good catch ups, had plenty of me time to catch up with personal projects and commissions, and generally i've just been feeling pretty good despite my huge, unsolved money issue. with a couple of unfortunate incidents this summer, i've really had a chance to reflect on how good things really have been for me since the beginning of 2014, it's just a shame that a couple of shitty things (that are only really shitty down to money, how depressing!) need to come along for me to realise that, actually, i had it good. i suppose though that if money is the only thing causing me problems at the moment, overall, things can't be going badly. it depresses me almost daily that money is such a huge factor in life, but that's potentially another issue for another day.

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  1. I feel your pain about the landlord situation - every year I was at uni I got something deducted from my deposit for no fault of my own. It was so hard to dispute it with the system I was in - I hope you have better luck!
    emmerliejay x