Wednesday, 23 July 2014

on smelling good enough to eat

**both products now discontinued**

i feel like i've given the body shop a bit of a hard time on my blog throughout the last few months after being disappointed by their hair and skincare ranges, but here i am today with a positive review of a couple of their body products. i have to admit, i normally find vanilla scented products somewhat vanilla (please do mind the pun, i just couldn't help myself,) but when i saw these going for super cheap in a body shop sale a few months back, i thought what the hell and threw them into my shopping basket as i was in need of some new body butters and shower gels anyway. it's only recently that i've began using them, and oh my god, i wasn't expecting to love them as much as i do, and i must admit that i'm fairly sad to now discover that the products have actually been discontinued, boo!

i'll begin now by stating that if you're not a lover of sweet, somewhat overpowering scents (somewhat similar to britney spears' fantasy perfume,) these products will probably not be for you. but if you do, great, and here's why these products will probably fill you with the same amount of joy as they have me.

of the two products, i first used the shower gel, and i was really pleasantly surprised by just how delicious it smells when you lather it up between your palms. it's a somewhat warm, comforting scent that i imagine would be a fantastic product to use in a bath if you wanted to relax and wind down for the evening, however i've only ever used it on a morning and find that the smell lingers throughout the day, and when i get a whiff of it it makes my mouth water and my tummy grumble because it smells so fantastic; you know when you go into lush and some of the products smell good enough to eat? this product provokes the exact same response for me, and i can't imagine smelling sweet and delicious is a bad thing for the people around you, either. heck, you're doing everyone a favour when you lather up with this baby.

i was prompted to try the body butter after discovering how fantastic the gel's scent was, and although it's still a pretty nice product, it doesn't smell quite as good as the shower gel. if you like a more subtly sweet scent, the body butter would probably be more to your taste as it's pleasantly sweet but not at all overpowering. for me it's a little bit of a bummer (because i just love smelling like a sweet shop,) but i still think the products used together are blummin' lovely and i very much enjoy jumping out of the shower and revelling in how delicious i smell.

it's fair to say i'll be making the most of every last morsel of these products now i know that i can't get my hands on them again, but for what it's worth, the body shop, please do bring the vanilla bliss range back! i just don't think showertime will ever be the same for me again without it resulting in me smelling like a walking, talking dessert. sigh.


  1. Love this! I had the vanilla shower gel and I finished it - it was SO good! x

  2. Need to try get my hands on this stuff for a smell :)

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award to find out more about you and your blog, heres the link-

    Em x
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  3. I really like The Body Shop body butters, I remember when they used to sell the vanilla one and I agree, it's quite subtle, and I prefer the ones that have more of a stronger smell! They used to do a peahc one as well, and it was my absolute FAVE, I went in the pick one up after mine had run out only to find out they didn't stock it anymore! I don't know if it has been discontinued, I'm gonna have to do some research into it haha

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Fab review doll :) Shame the products are discontinued x

    The Belle Narrative

  5. those look lovely, i need to try more of their products!

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram

  6. These sound so lovely! I want to smell them so bad ha

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

  7. I am not a major fan of The Body Shop but I cannot fault their shower gels! I love the strawberry one it's so scented and lathers lovely.

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