Sunday, 10 August 2014

sunday synopsis

I'm typing this from a boathouse at 12.15pm in Amsterdam, and despite the several spiders waiting in the boat to greet us upon our arrival back into it, it's pretty cosy, cute and a lovely place to spend a single night in Amsterdam if you're looking for something a little different to a hotel with potentially a bit more character, too. 

we arrived in Amsterdam in the late afternoon, biked into the centre in the downpour before scuttling around to find food, and then we had a relaxing (and dry) tour down the city's canals in yet another boat. the weather picked up today towards the evening and we caught a couple of beers and cocktails in a couple of local bars before heading back on the bikes at dusk, slightly intoxicated, and it turns out that a calm, dry cycling trip is thoroughly enjoyable - something I never thought I'd be saying! we'll be up early in the morning to enjoy another (hopefully dryer!) day in Amsterdam, which will also be our last day before heading back to my dad's home in Herford. for now, however, I need to get some well needed kip in!

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