Monday, 22 September 2014

belated saturday scribbles & sunday synopsis

i've been a bit awol on social media these last few days as i'd been out consuming my body weight in alcohol making the most of seeing friends before i left for uni, and since saturday i've been living in my new student house internetless until today so haven't really had the technology at hand to be blogging properly, but never fear because i'm back today to make up for lost time... kind of.

this last week i've further extended my a-z of doggies by creating a linework piece that has since been screenprinted and is going to be sold at our freshers fair tomorrow alongside the work of other students on my course in the hopes of kickstarting our fundraising for new blood next summer, and i'm pretty excited to see how they've come out! 

i've also been playing around with typography and more doggies while working entirely in watercolour in the same gutsy, paint straight to paper way that i originally produced my a-z of doggies in, and so far so good, i think. i've always loved the painterly textures that comes from traditional work and i'm enjoying the results i've achieved so far, so i'm thinking it's a technique i'll try and play a little bit more with throughout the coming months.

as for uni life so far, last night was the first day of freshers and i had a fantastic time out with all the people at uni who've made the last two years as special as they have been for me – here's to another couple of weeks of good nights out and lazy hangover days before the real work starts for third year!

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  1. I love your type, it's so cute and full of character!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!