Monday, 29 September 2014

brick by brick

bowler hat: h&m
boyfriend jacket: new look
dogtooth turtleneck: charity shop
necklaces: lilac edge & handmade
skirt: internacionale
shoes: dr martens

seeing as i start back at university today and as such need to get my creative life back on track, i thought i'd apply the same thought to my blog and headed into my back garden yesterday to snap a few outfit pictures because, shockingly, i managed to make it out of my house for reasons other than alcohol and throw on something other than pyjamas during the daytime!

i nabbed this boyfriend jacket from the new look sale back in may, and i've been patting myself on the back for doing so since the start of september because it's such a good alternative to my well loved leather jacket during these awkward, slightly colder months. it also makes me feel as though i'm trying to look as though i'm attempting to enter adulthood, which i assume can only be a good thing seeing as i'll be turning 21 in november and that's pretty much the definite age when you transition into adulthood, right?


  1. Love your style, the jacket is so cute!

    xx Tineke

  2. Such a cute boyfriend blazer! I wish I could pull them off but my hips are just too wide and I look like a block. Absolutely adore this on you xx

    Baby Rebel

  3. Love the outfit and the photos are fab!

    Alice x