Sunday, 28 September 2014

sunday synopsis

well, tonight marks the first night i've properly had the chance to sit down on my laptop all week, and it's odd because i haven't missed it all that much... probably because i've spent my week drunk or hungover, but we'll just quickly brush over that fact.

this week's been one that seems to have passed both quickly and slowly, if you know what i mean? you know, where the days seem to pass slowly, but you get to the end of it thinking bloody hell, where has the week gone?! no? yes? well it's passed in that fashion for me regardless. freshers has been somewhat tame, but still extremely exhausting, which i think is due to the sheer amount of nothingness that my week consisted of; if i was hungover, i didn't have the motivation or energy to do something, but at the same time i was far too aware of all the hours i was sat wasting, making for an altogether draining week because i was constantly in some weird kind of flux of wanting, but also not wanting, to do something. 

i'm heading into university tomorrow for the first time this year and i assume it'll be an introductory lecture where we're given the lowdown for the year (where we all get the chance to freak out about how little time there actually is within an academic year) and our first brief to begin thinking about. while i'm kind of freaking out about being a third year and no doubt the sheer amount of work i'm going to once again be tackling, i'm also looking forward to welcoming some well needed structure back into my life; i've learnt over the summer that if i'm not faced with a deadline, everything can always wait until tomorrow, and then next week, and then next month and then nothing ever gets done, or if it does it's in a rushed, "i hate myself" style panic, so it'll be nice to reclaim some normality workwise once again. 

as for now, i'm going to prepare my clothes and university bag like a giddy year seven on their first day of high school and crawl into my bed to indulge in a few episodes of freaks and geeks while i can still waste my time so indulgently without feeling horrifically guilty about it.

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