Saturday, 27 September 2014

saturday scribbles

i've had a completely unproductive week since moving into my student house last saturday, but hey, you can allow yourself a week for settling in, seeing friends, and getting drunk more times than is necessary during freshers week, right?!

while i've not created any new illustrations this week, i have had a play around with my doggy design and turned it into some super sweet bunting to decorate my room with and i'm thinking it looks pretty good! i also picked up a print from our freshers society stall on tuesday because it had a slight mark from pink-tac on the top left corner and so wasn't suitable for sale, and although i'm not too sure how i feel about decorating my room with my own work, i know i'm still really pleased with the illustration as a whole. 

speaking of the freshers fair, here's a picture one of our tutors snapped of me and a couple of others on my course as we were heading outside to try and sell a few prints. we had an incredibly successful day, making just over £200 by selling our own prints and freshers guides that we'd put together and we couldn't be more pleased to have kickstarted our new blood fundraising so fantastically – here's to hoping the rest of our fundraising efforts are just as successful!

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  1. Your doggy illustrations work really well as bunting :) xx

    Ioanna |