Wednesday, 17 September 2014

fantastic eyeliner on a budget: makeup revolution

double flick liquid eyeliner (not online): £3.50

i must admit, picking up new felt tip eyeliners to try has become something of second nature to me recently, so when i picked this makeup revolution offering up i wasn't really expecting to be blown away by it, but from the first use of it i realised that i couldn't have been more wrong because it was absolutely fantastic.

the liner differs from most highstreet felt tip liners in that it's double ended, offering a thick or thin side depending upon the intensity of the wing you're looking to achieve.

wearing the 'thin' side

wearing the 'thick' side

i tend to opt for the thin side when teaming up a subtle flick with eyeshadow as to not overdo it, and then opt for the thick side when i'm going for an all out, dramatic flick, but i'll not bore you any more with the obvious and instead talk about the actual product. 

the colour pay off is fantastic; a light stroke of the nib leaves a luscious, opaque black that glides on with complete ease. if i were to compare the finish to any other products i've used, i'd describe it as sitting somewhere between the soap & glory supercat liner and collection's fast stroke liner. i found that collection's fast stroke liner seemed to create a very thick, sometimes crumbly looking finish where you could almost pick it off in parts but at the same time didn't budge easily because of this, and the supercat liner left a thin finish that could be easily wiped away or smudged with your finger, and this liner sits happily in between, offering a thin covering of liner that doesn't budge with as much ease as the supercat liner, meaning you don't have to worry so much about accidentally rubbing your eyes and in turn all your liner off!

the thin end of the pen is by far the easiest, most precise liner i've ever had the pleasure of lining my lids with. i used to find with the soap & glory and collection offerings that it was really difficult to get a precise, thin line that was close to my lash line and instead always ended up cocking up and settling with thicker than intended flicks, but with this liner i'm in complete control of what i'm doing and can 9 times out of 10 get right down to the lash line to create a subtle flick for the days where i want a less dramatic look. 

in terms of lasting power, i'm more than happy to admit that i've neglected to take this off after a night out, and have woken up the morning after with absolutely minimal movement, which was a complete delight to discover after having woken up on many mornings with my eyeliner all over my lids from my hours of slumber. generally, unless you get your eyes excessively wet, the liner tends not to budge. 

after what seems like a lifetime of looking for 'the perfect eyeliner', i feel happy knowing that this liner ticks near enough all my boxes, and will only set me back £3.50 every time i need to replace it which is more than okay with me! if you ever find yourself at a makeup revolution counter, i would whole heartedly recommend picking this up to try because i've never been as impressed by an eyeliner in my life; with an opaque finish, precise application and decent staying power, it's worth every penny you'll pay for it. 

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  1. great in depth review, I love the way black liner looks but I'm so bad with makeup, mine definitely wouldn't turn out as good as yours hah. would really love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)