Tuesday, 16 September 2014

sweet tooth

choker: lilac edge
necklace: robynmakesthings
crop top: depop
belt: primark
jeans: charity shop
socks: primark
shoes: dr martens

i picked these jeans up from a charity shop a couple of months back and i've found that they come in handy for the days where the sun's not out, but it's still not quite cold enough to warrant wearing a jacket. to balance out the masculine shape of them, i like to team them up with this incredibly girly pink gingham crop that i bought from a user on depop who handmakes various pieces of clothing, and to further continue the girliness i like to also throw on one of my handmade cupcake necklaces which sits perfectly next to the gingham. finishing off with my trusty t-bar docs, i feel as though i'd fit in perfectly if you were to throw me onto a friends set. 


  1. You look amazing, Robyn! Love the way you have styled the jeans xx

    Baby Rebel

    1. thanks so much georgina, so sweet of you!