Monday, 15 September 2014

lilac edge jewellery

if you read my blog or follow my instagram, it'll be pretty obvious to you that hardly a day by where i don't wear at least one item of lilac edge jewellery. what originally started as a small order of a choker and necklace quickly turned into something of a mild obsession, with my collection quickly growing and it resulting in me now owning 8 pieces of lilac edge jewellery in total... oops!

lilac edge is a one person run business that sells various pieces of jewellery and accessories and even a couple of items of vintage clothing, and is run by my good friend alice. the shop's only been open around 6 or 7 months and in that time it has grown so vastly and quickly, with alice shipping out orders to her thousands of followers all over the world to countries including the usa and singapore as well as the uk. so, to further celebrate my undying love for the lovely pieces she has to offer within her shop, i thought i'd throw together a post featuring my lilac edge pieces and how i wear them. 

i picked these two pieces up in my second lilac edge order, and i've been throwing them together ever since to add something of a dainty, girly feel to some of my more masculine outfit choices such as this acid wash motel dress. i'd been after a nice, affordable gemstone necklace for absolutely ages, so when alice popped these into her shop for £4.50 (i think!) i was falling all over myself to make sure i got to her online store in time to bag myself one. she doesn't offer this exact necklace anymore, but she does have some similar, slightly larger quartz crystal necklaces available that i've linked above.

the choker and necklace here formed my first ever lilac edge purchase, and i was drawn to them because i loved the colours of them both and knew they'd look great paired up. the earrings are one of my more recent purchases, but they've now become an everyday staple for me, with me alternating between these and a gold pair of earrings depending on the colour i've decided to accessorise with on the day.

last but not least, i've teamed together what are probably my favourite lilac edge pieces. i love the thick, black velvet choker because it's so simple and goes with pretty much any outfit i could ever dream of throwing together, and is a pretty good buy for just £3. the eye connector necklace formed part of my third order, and i love how it sits connecting the necklace rather than dangling as a charm – it just makes it that little bit more special! the iris and pupil of the charm are also slightly holographic, making it super pretty. the fairy dust necklace isn't something i would normally have picked out for myself, but there was something about the super sweet white fairy dust that drew me in, and its cuteness is balanced out when paired with my chunky choker. 

so, there we have it, my love for lilac edge laid out bare for you all to see. i'd like to finish by saying that i have not been paid or endorsed in any fashion by alice for this post, but simply wanted to share with you what i think is a fantastic little independent shop that offers a wide range of fantastically priced jewellery that easily beats the prices of high street shops or ebay sellers (£8 for a choker?! no thank you!) i just hope you love alice's jewellery as much as i do!

(disclaimer: i thought it sensible to cover my back here and mention that yes, i'm aware that chloe from the little plum posted a practically identical post to this yesterday featuring another jewellery brand, but in no way is this post of mine a response to, or a 'copy' of hers. it's been scheduled since i shot the photos last thursday, it's just a shame that sometimes, if rarely, blog content can clash as it has done in this instance. ah, the pains of running a blog on mostly scheduled posts. need to keep my routine though, right?! i just thought i'd throw this out there before accusations of content copying may crop up, because hey, if i've learnt anything while blogging, it's that bloggers just ain't down for copying!)

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