Sunday, 14 September 2014

sunday synopsis

today has well and truly been a lazy sunday for me; i've only moved from the sofa to shower and to eat dinner and i can hand on heart say i do not feel an ounce of guilt for doing so (for once!) it's odd, simply ticking the doggy a - z off of my list of things to do has left me feeling unusually happy and relieved, like even though my summer has been largely lazy and unproductive, this one accomplishment means i can forgive myself for my lack of doing, and i am not complaining right now as i shovel peanut butter pretzels into my mouth while typing this... i'd say oops, but i'm honestly not sorry. yum.

this time next sunday i'll be back up in middlesbrough at what is called the 'welcome wagon' at my university, where all three years come together to either reunite or get to know each other, and i'll no doubt be stood amongst it all feeling old and unnerved about the fact that it will be my last two freshers weeks ever. as much as it freaks me out knowing that i'll be a real adult this time next year, it's also somewhat upsetting to know that i'll never, ever be back at uni living within a ten minute walk of all the people i've grown so close to during my years at university, and i'm really struggling to get my head around it all properly. i suppose all i can do for now is to enjoy the time i have left with everyone though, right?

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