Saturday, 13 September 2014

saturday scribbles

i did it, i finally did it – i completed my doggy a - z! i've been working on this on and off since around may, but finally got around to painting it up properly and arranging it digitally over the last week. i began sketches for an a - z piece back in may, and since then i've been on and off experimenting with paints, pencils and digital colouring to decipher just what medium would do my doggies justice, and the answer lied within the simplicity that is my watercolours.

i haven't used watercolours to illustrate for a very long time, and i must say i've been having lots of fun using them again. i took a much more gutsy approach (for me at least!) when creating these, simply putting paint straight to paper without a pencil guide, and i'm pretty pleased with the results. it's meant that i've had to work as i go along, being much more ballsy with my paint application rather than painting tentatively to ensure the outcome is as i imagined it, and it's been kind of relieving and extremely rewarding because i'm so pleased with how they look – yippee!

a couple of people asked through instagram about prints of this, and it spurred me on to create a society6 account. i currently only have a handful of designs available on my account, but hey, maybe it'll push me to create some more relevant content for it! so, if you'd be at all interested in a print, phone case or mug with these designs on, you can check out my society6 account hereand with the code below you can treat yourself to $5 off an iphone case and free shipping, but be quick as it expires at 9am on monday 15th september!


  1. Ah, I love these! :) I'm so tempted by an iPhone cover - if I had a few extra pennies I'd definitely get one!

    Tiny Paint Pot xx

    1. aw thanks so much, it really makes me all fuzzy to know you like the design enough to consider buying it on something! heh i was tempted to order one for myself too, however i'm thinking i'll have to wait until i also have some spare pennies floating around, they're certainly not cheap!