Wednesday, 10 September 2014

my b. skincare dream team

my skin has been pretty much tip top these last few months, and i think i can safely say it's because of these three wonderful products. i've spoken about the micellar water and exfoliating cleanser previously in separate posts if you'd like to check out my opinions on them more in depth, but i thought i'd do a post to just generally talk about my skincare staples at the minute and how i'm getting on with them. 

for the last year or so i've been experimenting with various skincare products, and i can finally say that i've settled into a routine that's affordable, simple and extremely effective for my somewhat oily skin. i begin my day by cleansing and moisturising before applying makeup, and then ending it by removing my makeup with the micellar water before again cleansing and moisturising. 

i find that although the cleanser is also an exfoliator, it's not too abrasive to use twice a day and instead just helps to balance out the oiliness of my skin and make sure that all traces of makeup are properly washed away. the moisturiser includes spf and is quite thick meaning it really needs to be worked into your skin, but it absorbs into your skin surprisingly quickly meaning that it isn't too heavy to apply before your makeup. as well as this, it's also surprisingly nourishing for my skin, leaving it supple and plump and perfect for nighttime use as well as daytime – a great two in one product! 

my skincare routine now is basically these three products alone, however if i ever encounter any nasty spots, i go in with my lush grease lightning to combat them before they get the chance to get too ugly, but generally spots aren't a problem for me anymore. on occasion i may get the odd spot or two (you know, around certain times of the month) but they tend to clear up pretty quickly nowadays and don't wreak havoc on my skin for weeks on end like they used to – hurrah! it's fair to say i'm very happy with my skin at the minute. thanks, b!

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  1. I've not heard of these products before but I'm glad they're effective for you :) I have dry/sensitive skin so unsure what they'd be like for me

    Style Sunrise☀