Saturday, 6 September 2014

saturday scribbles

i made a couple of promises workwise in last week's saturday scribbles, and although lazily, i've actually managed to stick to them! all in all it's been a mostly unproductive week, but i've worked my way through five commissioned magnets, doodled up some jewellery ideas and began making them, and finally gotten around to completing some more dogs for my doggy a-z, which i plan to finish off for good this weekend (come on robyn!!) when that's completed and i'm happy with it, i then want to move onto a hand written typography project i've been wanting to tackle all summer so it can be completed before my move back to university, but again it's going to require me to make an extra effort to bloody well motivate myself, which so far i've really struggled to do; there's just something so appealing about wasting away my days watching daytime television with my mum, sigh.


  1. The little dog faces are so cute! i didn't think i could ever spend a whole day watching tv but this summer I proved myself wrong.

    1. thanks amy! i'm completely with you on that, who knew wasting away in front of the tele could ever seem so appealing?

  2. love your doggies! they are so cute and the faces just make them! I have to say im disappointed in how little creative stuff I have done this summer- oops!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!