Sunday, 7 September 2014

sunday synopsis

it's been something of a lazy sunday today to conclude something of a lazy week, as demonstrated perfectly by my minging, can't be arsed tied up hair. aside from visiting my uncle for sunday dinner and doing a bit of painting, i can't say i've accomplished very much, but better something than nothing. 

i feel a world away from last sunday's post, which i'm going to take as a positive. i feel as though the week's passed fairly quickly, and although i've done very little, for once i don't feel overly guilty about it which is so relieving, but i don't know if part of it is because i'm making mental compromises with my potential future and career prospects. for a while i've been telling myself that i'm just not cut out to make it as an illustrator, what with the industry already being filled with such genuinely talented, committed, phenomenal people, but i've realised that perhaps i'd be more suited to some kind of job within children's publishing, and hey, with my passion for it, maybe that could work out for me. i'm just really unsure. i know we can't plan everything out, but i don't want to graduate next summer and be left with nothing because i haven't thought about my options realistically, maybe it's just some kind of parachute i'm throwing out for myself. i suppose all i can do for now is work hard, think realistically and see what next year throws at me. 


  1. I'm sure you'll do amazingly! Tbh you should check out the bright agency? A girl from my college class got signed up with them and gets work to do like childrens illustration books from them and stuff. Might be worth a look?
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

    1. that's so sweet of you lauren, i hope so! was it nat smillie by any chance? i've been speaking to her recently and bright are definitely on my radar amongst other agencies :)