Sunday, 5 October 2014

a sunday outfit post?

 hat: depop
shirt: charity shop
necklaces: lilac edge
skirt: new look
coat: charity shop
bag: ebay
shoes: primark

it's fair to say that the 'worst blogger in the world this week' award would sit very deservingly on my desk right now because i just completely failed at pulling anything together after monday. we've been in uni most days this week for those boring introductory lectures where your modules are outlined, deadlines are pointed out and spirits are just generally dampened, so between those and making the most of freshers week number two, i've once again successfully gone the week not having done very much.

i've managed to go the week without drawing anything at all (which is just so far from acceptable) meaning i didn't have a saturday scribbles post to share, but i have done a fair bit of reading, researching and blogging for my professional contexts and dissertation modules, so while i don't have much to show, i have broadened my field of knowledge ever so slightly... i've decided to use tumblr as my blogging platform, so if you'd be interested in a look at what i'll be getting up to over the next eight months or so you can check out my PC module blog here. there's not much there at the minute, just a bunch of research mainly, but as the module progresses i hope to be posting any self promotion work progress on there, so stay tuned i guess?

so, an outfit post on a sunday, what? i snapped these pictures yesterday before i headed out to newcastle for the day with my dad and his girlfriend, but we didn't get in until 8pm and then my friend came around for the night and i just didn't get the chance to edit the pictures and post, so i thought instead of wasting them i'd post them today and combine my sunday synopsis and an outfit post into one. apologies for the totally pants quality of these pictures, i did intend to shoot outside again but it was far too wet out and the light in my room was limited, so i just had to work the best with what i had and unfortunately this was the outcome!

i'm hoping my life as a graphic design student resumes normally again this week and i can get back into a routine of working, drawing and creating interesting blog content instead of being lazy and/or hungover. if it doesn't, i'm going to have to give my head a shake and myself a kick up the bum because entering third year so lazily is definitely not clever!

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  1. I can definitely relate! I'm soo lazy with my uni work this year, which is not good because I'm in my third year too. I don't know why, but I still feel like I'm in summer mode.