Tuesday, 7 October 2014

bad habit

jumper: primark
dress (worn as skirt): primark
socks: primark
shoes: primark

i don't know why but i always feel a strange sense of achievement when i can walk out of the house in a head to toe primark outfit and still feel pretty bloody good. it's probably something to do with the moans of those who "can never find anything in primark," so to know that over time i've found enough quality bits and pieces to combine together into one super outfit helps me to justify (in my own mind...) the ridiculous amount of time i manage to spend in various primark stores up and down the country.

i've paired up my most recent primark purchase (the shoes) with a couple of my favourites from last autumn/winter (the jumper and dress) and am loving how the burgundy sits against the green/blue tartan, however i'm not loving the beginnings of the autumn weather as it means being perfectly snug in this outfit whilst outdoors, but proceeding to melt upon entering a warm building. i've said it once and i'll say it again: you autumn/winter lovers are odd.


  1. Lovely outfit! I love the colour of the jumper and I love tartan things too! Abi :)

  2. Love this outfit! The colours really suit you.
    I am so shocked that it's all from Primark.
    I have to say, their AW13 stock was excellent. I'm wearing a black crushed velvet skater skirt today that I got last year for £7 - absolutely love it, and I also had a pair of shoes that are done with now but they were patent and like school girl shoes :)
    I'm hoping this autumn will be just as successful when I go into Primark, as I didn't like anything in the Spring/Summer.

    Naomi xo


    1. i completely agree, i found the stuff over spring/summer to be a bit take it or leave it, but autumn/winter always seems to be something primark do quite well, particularly this year as they have some gorgeous coats in! x

  3. That dress/skirt looks amazing, I love that kind of punky schoolgirl vibe. Gorgeous xx

    The Persephone Complex