Saturday, 11 October 2014

saturday scribbles

hi i'm robyn and this is quite possibly the most pathetic saturday scribbles post i will (hopefully!) ever share with you. i'll be honest, i really don't have anything worth showing for the week but i thought it better to share the minute amount i do have rather than to completely miss the post again for the second week in a row. 

i've spent most of my time this week researching, so naturally i haven't done a lot of doodling. i've been reading books, online articles, my dissertation research from last year, you name it, and it's managed to completely take over my life. the above doodles are for my self promotion project which initially started as a project based around feminism, which then led to an ass load of research over the course of three or four days, which then led to my tutors telling me that they liked the idea but felt it would perhaps be more suited to a final project than a self promotion project, which i now totally agree with, but it then meant that after banking that idea as a possibility for the future i was left again at square one in terms of self promotion. 

what i took from my feedback session is that my self promotion should be less concerned with 'design' type ideas and more focussed on my actual illustration, so i've been thinking about what i can do to rope in a bunch of different animals to help to build my portfolio of 'animals that potential clients know i can draw', and in true robyn style, it's beginning to take a bit of a silly route. don't get me wrong, silly's something i'm totally happy and comfortable doing and generally i think i do an alright job of it, but i'm feeling a little bit lost. i'm currently looking for direction and failing, but i guess it's something i just need to doodle my way out of, and with doodle time having been restricted this week there's no wonder i'm feeling like i'm in a bit too deep right now. 

today i wrapped up my three day long stint of analysing my dissertation research, picking it apart into relevant sections and writing up my introduction, so tomorrow i'm dedicating the day to doodling and hopefully figuring my self promotion out. will it all go to plan? i guess we'll find out around this time tomorrow after i've typed up my sunday synopsis. 


  1. love the illustrations above and hope you figure out what you're wanting to do for your self promotion soon! it's such a difficult thing to focus on, especially since there is sooo many things you could do! even worse if you have lecturers that constantly go on about this amazing self promotion that someone did years back and you feel like you can't live up to that!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

    1. thanks lauren! i kind of don't always feel so pressured by a lot of tutor examples because they're mainly graphic design focussed, and it mostly doesn't apply to me as an illustrator because my defining feature as an illustrator is my illustrations. i suppose in a way it makes it a tad easier because you're less consumed by these wonderfully clever ideas, but the struggle of developing your own visual language and tone of voice is of course still more than real!