Saturday, 25 October 2014

saturday scribbles

this week's been pretty hectic to say the least as on monday we were briefed on our live projects and competitions module, with our first deadline for the week being on friday. we were given a brief to design a logo for a property development company, and as you'd expect it just wasn't up my street at all. i knocked together a terrible logo pretty quickly for the sake of getting it out of the way asap, but after a chat with my tutor he essentially told me to ignore what the company may want and to interpret it illustratively and to give it the signature feel and tone of voice that all of my work has so it could at least serve as a portfolio piece should i choose it to. within the brief they wanted to keep a bridge as a focal point, so i worked around the idea of the bridge and the fact that the company builds homes and thought about the homes that the bridge and the river it crosses provide for various forms of wildlife, and i've included a snippet of the finished illustration here as the bottom right image. it wasn't great, but i managed to knock it together in the space of a few hours, which for me is something of an achievement. i can spend days musing ideas and composition, so to square that off and actually finish the artwork within a matter of hours is something to be celebrated at the very least. 

to the left of that image is a snippet from an illustration that i'm currently still working on which is another live brief for the rail company grand central. their brief asks artists to create an image that relates to the phrase 'direct to london', so i'm working with the idea that the company is all inclusive and anyone can travel to london whether they're travelling by foot, paw, wheels etc. maybe i just wanted to include a dog in the image somewhere, but i think it's a nice message nonetheless to know that anybody's welcome aboard.

lastly (and hopefully more interestingly!) i started work on this year's christmas cards. i wanted some fun, light hearted, animal pun cards and i came up with 'merry catmas', 'seasons tweetings' and 'jingle pug' and i'm thinking jingle pug's my favourite at the moment! i'm still undecided about whether or not the cards are finished as they are, but if they change i'll no doubt share them via my blog/twitter/instagram at one point or another. 

a pretty meh saturday scribbles altogether this week, i'm hoping it'll become a little more interesting once i begin my macmillan competition entry!


  1. I love your illustrations and drawing style, Merry Catmas is so cute!

    Catherine /

  2. I love the illustrations. The cards made me seriously laugh- ohsopunny!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  3. I love all of those Christmas cards! I'd love to find those in a shop so I could send them to friends and family :)