Sunday, 26 October 2014

sunday synopsis


ok so it's half past twelve on Sunday evening/Monday morning (that weird overlap time when you're never really sure what day you're actually in) and I'm laid in bed making sure I don't miss out on yet another Sunday post due to my own absentmindedness. 

today has been incredibly lazy on my behalf; I started with good intentions, waking at 8am hoping to add to the 1,200 words I'd written of my dissertation on Saturday, but after rereading it and making some slight tweaks I decided to send it off to my tutor for vetting before I perhaps got too ahead of myself without a clear sense of direction. things didn't end too badly as i sifted through my seemingly never ending pile of books and quotes, arranging my thoughts and planning the structure for the rest of my essay so I know roughly what I need to be covering when the day comes for me to sit down and do some solid written work again (probably next weekend, sigh.)

after that, I headed into town with my long time buddy and housemate for some lazy Sunday lunch at a wetherspoons, after which we then headed home to lounge around watching films before finding ourselves within the weird corner of youtube (well, one of them, anyway.) i've gotta admit that I now feel a little guilty for having pretty much wasted my day, but if you can't lounge around on a Sunday, when can you? I'm thinking third year's gonna require days of solid working followed by a single day of complete laziness to help me unwind from the madness of overlapping modules. ah, third year, you're gonna test me, I know it. 

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