Wednesday, 29 October 2014

a new autumn lip colour

if you know me, you know i love a dark lip. that said, i was tired of my selection of burgundy and purple toned dark lipsticks and was on the search for a new, more brown toned one after falling in love with the colour of the mac spice lip liner but knowing i could never, ever possess anything mac. after trawling many online cruelty free makeup brands and spending hours in my local superdrug and boots swatching my hands looking for the perfect shade to no avail, i decided to give up on looking for a lipstick and instead turned to lip liners, and that's when i clapped eyes on this offering from collection.

upon first inspection, i doubted that cappuccino would be the shade i was looking for because it looks quite tame and almost nude in the bullet, but after i swatched it i realised that it had a load of potential if i was to build it up. for £2.79 i didn't think about heading to the till with it and it's been a story of nothing but love since then. 

with the product being a lip liner it's of course somewhat drying, but if you pop a little bit of lip balm on before applying it the job's a good 'un. the finish of the liner is a lovely, smooth matte one that actually has pretty decent staying power. of course if you sit down to eat a meal you won't be left with very much on your lips afterwards, but i've sat and drank cups of tea wearing it and it still looks good to go afterwards! unlike other matte lip products, this liner doesn't flake or chap unattractively throughout the day, so you're not left with that awful line on your inner lip that shows where your lip begins and product ends. 

all in all, i am super duper impressed and so beyond happy that i stumbled upon this little gem. i was starting to give up hope that there was a cruelty free option of this shade out there waiting for me, and to find it for under £3 was just absolutely fabulous. collection as a brand generally impress me anyway because the quality of their products is always great for the prices they charge, and this lip liner is certainly no different and has now firmly made its way into my list of favourite lip products. 

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  1. Beautiful! I have been into the brown lip colours as well! X