Wednesday, 26 November 2014

a quick look at my nudes...

collection volume sensation lipstick in 13 'satin bow': £2.99  |  soap & glory fabulipstick in 'super nude': £9
makeup revolution lipstick in 'the one': £1  |  primark matte long last lipstick: £1.50
collection  |  soap & glory
 makeup revolution  |  primark

as i mentioned a couple of weeks back in my everyday autumn makeup post, nowadays i'm a massive fan of a nude lip, so i thought i'd pop by this wednesday to share with you my collection of nudes (pun intended, sorry guys!) the entirety of my collection is bought from the highstreet, so while the prices of each lipstick vary, i think all four of them are definitely at least affordable for the average student. 

first up is the collection volume sensation lipstick, and as the name suggests, this lipstick tingles a little on your lips when applied and in turn gives them a slightly plumper look. this was the first nude lipstick i ever bought, and it's definitely the pinkest of the four. it has a really lovely, creamy consistency which applies easily and leaves your lips feeling moisturised.

next is the soap & glory fabulipstick which is my most recent nude purchase, and i think that for me this is a great 'my lips but better' colour. it's warm toned and is the peachiest of the four colours, and with its matte finish it helps to add a little bit of something to your lips when you're wanting a bit of colour, but nothing too bold. 

thirdly is the makeup revolution lipstick, which is the palest of the four colours. it's cool toned as opposed to the soap and glory offering, and because of this i think it's a true nude for my skin tone. like to the collection offering, it has a very creamy consistency which applies easily and leaves your lips feeling moisturised. 

lastly is the primark matte long last lipstick, and this is more of a mauve, vintage pink colour which i think is great for achieving the 90s nude lip that is all the rage at the moment. the formula of this product is a little odd as it has a slight shimmer through it, and while you can't see it on the lips, it does mean that it can often feel a little bit gritty on them. i've found that the more i've worn the lipstick the less gritty it feels however, so i assume it's just a case of wearing down the top layer of the bullet!

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