Thursday, 20 November 2014

a welcome addition...

after three years of deliberation, today i finally bit the bullet and got my septum pierced. for a while i was putting it off because i was worried about the pain, but over the last few months i'd started worrying less about the very temporary pain and instead more about the fact that most places charge £30 for the piercing, so when my mum offered to pay for it doing for my 21st birthday i thought it was time to put any fears aside and just get on with it. 

my piercing cost £20 at a studio called taattoo in wombwell and the girls who dealt with me couldn't have been friendlier or more reassuring, and i was in and out within the space of ten minutes. much to my surprise, the piercing didn't really hurt at all. i had a bit of numbing cream applied but i'm not sure how helpful it was or wasn't because i could feel the needle poking around inside my nose while the piercer was lining everything up, but the piercing itself seemed to happen so quickly that i didn't have time to actually think about feeling anything! my eyes didn't even water as much as i was expecting, so it's fair to say that overall it was a really positive experience and i'd urge anyone who's been putting a septum piercing off because of pain to just go for it!

i decided to get pierced with a straight bar because i'm not a fan of the usual circular barbells that are used, but once it's all healed up i plan to replace it with a septum retainer and team it up with a nose stud!


  1. You're bloody braver than me! I've been wanting my nose pierced since I was 16, but I daren't even get that done :/

    Laura x |

    1. i'd say just go for it! the momentary pain really isn't such a big deal, if anything it's the healing afterwards that is a bit of a pain :(

  2. It looks soo good, it really suits you Robyn!