Wednesday, 19 November 2014

mua brow define tinted brow mascara

 mua brow define: £2 (available at superdrug, not currently online)

if you read my blog, you'll know how much i adore the elf eyebrow treat and tame, but while i was browsing superdrug a few weeks ago this brow offering from mua caught my eye and i couldn't not pick it up at £2. when i initially picked this product up i was desperate to love it, simply because the elf offering can often be hard to get your hands on as it frequently sells out online and then doesn't reappear back in stock sometimes for months on end, so to have a cruelty free, affordable option readily available for me on the high street would be a god send for the times where i may find myself without my beloved elf product! 

my excitement was short lived however after i was horribly disappointed with this product after its first use. i wasn't sure if it was me being clumsy or the product being too wet, but i found that i ended up with more product on the skin around my eyebrows rather than on the eyebrows themselves, which made for a big ol' mess instead of the perfectly defined, bushy looking brows i was aiming for. despite being disappointed, i persisted with using the product then for another two weeks, desperately trying to force myself to at least like it, and after spending a while with less than satisfactory brows, things seemed to pick up a little. fast forward two weeks and the product was applying pretty much perfectly, giving me the brows i desired and so often achieved using my elf product, which made me think that perhaps it was the formula of the product which was a little bit too wet to start with, and that it simply needed to dry out a little before it could reach its full potential, much like a lot of mascaras. 

if i'm being perfectly honest, while this product does the job now its had the chance to dry out, i still think i'd choose the elf option over this because it has a much easier wand to work with. this mua offering has a smaller wand which decreases in size to a fine point, whereas the elf wand is all one thickness, which helps to give a more even, all over coverage and requires much less precision to use, which is perfect if you're a bit of a klutz like i am! while i'll be firmly sticking with my elf offering on a permanent basis, i won't be throwing this product out either as it'll make a nice little temporary replacement for my elf product if and when i should run out of it in the future. that said, for £2 you really can't go wrong with this product as it does the job and won't break the bank. 

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