Monday, 10 November 2014

back to black

turtleneck jumper: primark
skirt: primark
boots: primark

long time no outfit post, ey? i've attempted to take some outfit pictures a couple of times since my last outfit upload, but because of issues with the weather and lighting they just didn't come out well enough to share unfortunately, but last friday i scrambled out into the garden just in time before it started to rain and managed to take some successful snaps! i've got more of a bitchface going on here than i'd desire to have, but i thought to hell with it and decided i'd share anyway seeing as my blog's been so horribly quiet over the last couple of weeks.

i nipped into primark last week after seeing them share this skirt on their twitter page knowing that i had to have it, and luckily enough for me it was available in store and waiting for me to take it home. it's a lovely thick, wooly material that's perfect for keeping warm in the winter, even if it's somewhat constrictive when you're sat in a lecture theatre, but you can make compromises for pretty items of clothing, right? paired with a turtleneck and my faux fur trimmed coat, i can see this becoming one of my winter staples this year. 


  1. Gorgeous skirt X

  2. That skirt's so gorgeous! I love it and I love turtle neck's jumpers so the whole outfit's on point in my opinion!


  3. I must have this skirt! Going into Primark ASAP!