Monday, 10 November 2014

saturday scribbles & sunday synopsis

i'm making a habit of this late/missing posting of saturday scribbles and sunday synopsis posts lately, aren't i? with no good reason most of the time, as i pretty much spent the entirety of saturday hungover, chilling out watching films (jurassic park 3 happened and it was fabulous, by the way) and then spent the entirety of today writing my dissertation (i'm not proud that it took me almost 7 hours to write just under 900 words, but hey, it got written eventually) before again then chilling out to watch gogglebox when my friend got back from visiting home at around 10pm. 

workwise, things are starting to look up a little. i finished off my grand central illustration, and in the end i was pretty happy with it. i'm not sure it's something that'll fit what they're looking for, but i think it's true to my style and tone of voice and it's something i now think i'd be happy to display in my portfolio, which is the ultimate goal really, isn't it? i've also started working on my entry for the penguin design award children's book entry, which this year is to design the jacket for carrie's war. initially i wasn't overly impressed with the text, but after having a look at previous covers and really having a think about what the story covered, i've gotten into the task a bit more and have so far quite enjoyed playing around with themes and ideas, i'm just now hoping it continues positively and i adapt my style accordingly and naturally along the way!

i've also had a little bit less of a stress workwise as i worked out that i can use macmillan as my final project piece, which means more time to think about my story properly, and more time to actually get the illustrations done. i was originally going to simply produce four spreads and a rough dummy book as the brief asks as my current module is a fairly short, busy one, but with making it my final project i'll have more time to attempt to illustrate the entire book again, which would be hard work no doubt, but thoroughly enjoyable too, and i think it'd conclude my studies (and my portfolio) nicely. 

i'm also now just under 3,000 words into my 5,000 word dissertation and i'm pretty happy with how it's coming along after receiving such great feedback from my tutor. i've really sunk my teeth into my topic and each and every time i fall back into my research i fall in love with it all over again (lame, i know) because there's just so much to consider and so many wonderful words being shared by various illustrators and authors who have such enlightened, intelligent views about picture books. honestly, picture books are fantastic, and i'm thinking my dissertation could really become something i'll be proud of, which isn't something i'd have previously anticipated. 

so yeah, all in all a more positive week this week for me, let's just hope the pattern continues and my life doesn't slip down the drain in a couple of weeks time when i turn 21 (!!!!!!)

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