Wednesday, 5 November 2014

primark | cinnamon & maple christmas candle

primark cinnamon & maple christmas candle: 80p

now halloween is out of the way i'm happy to start thinking about all things christmas related (because the 31st halloween/1st november crossover represents the death of halloween and birth of christmas, right?) and my first point of call was this primark candle (aside from the fact that i'd wrapped some of my christmas presents earlier in october, but we'll keep that as our little secret...)

when i'm in primark i always go for a little mooch around the home section and for a while now i've been a fan of their cheap but strongly scented candles, so when i spotted this cinnamon & maple scented candle picking it up was really a no brainer, especially as it was priced at just 80p!

as much as i love primark's coconut and vanilla scented tealights as they smell reasonably strongly and retail for just £1.50 a pack, they really don't have anything on this cinnamon & maple candle. from the minute you start burning it your room smells heavenly, and the strong cinnamon scent is enough to get anybody into the festive spirit (yes, even misery guts me who hates autumn/winter!) i've found that if i burn the candle for an hour on an evening, my room still smells strongly of cinnamon the next morning – which is definitely not something i was expecting from an 80p candle! – so i've taken to burning it for an hour on a morning and evening to keep my room smelling deliciously festive all day long. 

the candle has an estimated burn time of 12 hours, but i've lit the candle now for the last three or four days twice a day religiously and it's hardly made a dent in the wax, so it's fair to say that the product's well worth the measly 80p you pay for it. the next time i'm in town i'll be heading straight back to primark and stocking up on these babies because they are delicious; move over yankee candle's cinnamon stick, i have a new favourite christmas candle!


  1. Ooo! Love the sound of this, thank you! I need some new flannels from Primark so I'll be sure to browse the candle section while I'm there too :)

    Sam | Tiny Paint Pot xx

  2. Sounds amazing and what a bargain! xx

    Ioanna |

  3. Might have to try these! Fed up of scentless candles!

  4. Will have to try these! I hadn't because I thought they wouldn't be too strong scented but for that price it's worth giving them ago!